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Prather Custom Cues
Makers of pool cues from 1975 to present in Mooreland, Oklahoma.  

Dan Prather was a pilot and building contractor in Mooreland, Oklahoma in the early 1970s. He loved the game of pool, and enjoyed a woodworking hobby. Verl Horn, long time cuemaker and friend, came to Dan and asked him to cut and construct some cue materials. Dan discovered then how high priced cue components really were. By the late 1970s, Dan could see that there was a market for someone to supply quality cuemaking components to cuemakers at a reasonable price. From peddling parts out of a suitcase to a showroom at the BCA Show, Prather's has become one of the leading suppliers of cue components, and the largest source for Irish linen in the United States. Although Prather's is probably best known for making components for custom cuemakers, they also make custom cues themselves.

Daniel's two sons, Daniel Jr. and Jeff, moved to Mooreland in the mid-1980s to form the business "by PRATHER, inc.," with subsidiaries Prather cues and Prather parts. Using their combined unique talents - Daniel Jr.'s computer knowledge, Jeff's woodworking skills, and Dan's inspiration - the first line of Prather cues was introduced. By 1990 the trio had gained world-wide recognition for their cues and cue parts. Daniel's daughter, Jennifer, has also been involved in the business since the beginning.
Prather cues are identifiable by a signature on the forearm, and also have "PRATHER" along with the year etched on the butt cap screw. Most Prather cues were custom made for individuals to their design and specifications until 1993, when the first line was introduced. Now Prather no longer makes a line of cues, just one-of-a-kinds. Because of this, their production has been reduced significantly. Six-point Prather cues are very rare, as only one or two are made a year. Prather makes every component in all of their cues.

Many unique one-of-a-kind Prather cues have been made for tournaments, gallery showings, and cue shows. In 2004, five of these cues were stolen from a gallery in Oklahoma. The stolen cues, which were pictured in color in the First or Second Editions of the Blue Book of Pool Cues, consist of the "Bomber Cue", "Zeus' Abacus", "Golden Avenue", "Floral Tapestry" and "Marscessant Pearl." A custom case was also stolen. The cues are pictured on the Prather website. Jeff will custom build a beautiful one-of-a-kind custom cue for the person whose information leads to the recovery of the five stolen cues.

Dan is still involved in the business, and he also enjoys fishing, flying, building planes, traveling to Thailand, and collecting cues. Daniel Jr. is a musician and has mastered several instruments; also, he enjoys creating graphic art images, designing exotic cue art, and listening to music. They all feel very lucky to be able to make a living at what they do.

The company moved into a new 9,000-square-foot facility on Main street in Mooreland, Oklahoma, just four blocks from the original shop, in 2000, and continues to grow. They now are involved in selling, installing, and repairing pool tables as well.

Prather Custom Cues

Prather Cue insists on 100% customer satisfaction, and will indefinitely repair any defects in workmanship that are not the result
of abuse.